Making Athletes Better

Focused coaching and use of technology to create better, more functional athletes of all ages.

Who We Are

Successful and Unconventional

I have decades of coaching experience and many more as a successful athlete.  I have experience and success in multiple sports and understand that a finely tuned athlete looks different for each sport.  I also understand that all sports have a common foundation, hard-work and dedication.

Multi-Discipline Approach

We work with athletes of all ages and sports.  And while we can help you with your Pickleball shots or your "squat" mechanics, we also incorporate nutrition and mental coaching to develop a better all around athlete.

Technology Enhanced

We utilize cameras to capture video of you in action.  This will help you visualize and adapt your movements to increase power, mobility and reduce painful mechanics or impingement.  For more advanced athletes, we can break down movement patterns and reinforce kinetic chain sequences


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